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{woman of life}


Munisa Khuramova has always believed in the strength and the character of each woman, which has become her inspiration throughout her journey and is symbolic through her designs. Fashion design has been a passion for Munisa from an early age. As part of her childhood and her interest in fashion, she was an active model and was sewing clothing while she was in high school. To further her education, Munisa went to a prestigious Italian school Istituto di Moda Burgo and successfully completed it in 2015. While studying in college, she worked for different European boutiques and presented her first designs in Milan.


After completing Instituto di Moda Burgo, Munisa created her own fashion line, Munelle de Vie, which means “woman of life.” The concept was built to showcase the strength and empowerment of women through eclectic designs.


To bring freshness to the style, Munisa’s label Munelle de Vie uses sustainable fabrics such as silk, linen, wool and cotton as the core materials. Inspired by the silhouettes, the brand uses elegant shapes while offering wearable haute couture. Munelle de Vie accentuates natural flowing lines that emphasize pops of elements of the woman’s body through unconventional sizing and bold accents that bring haute couture to simple and comfortable. 


Currently residing in Dallas, Munelle De Vie designs are placed at a local luxury boutique The Studio Store housed inside the iconic Statler Hotel and at Flying Solo SoHo, NYC. 


For more information about Munelle de Vie, please contact Munisa Khuramova through her website,


IG @munelledevie

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